Ceci n'est pas un corps

After Bilbao, Canberra, Rotterdam and Liège, where it met with huge success, the travelling exhibition ‘Hyperrealism Sculpture. Ceci n'est pas un corps’ is coming to Brussels in an enriched version with some brand-new features. It needed a setting commensurate with the exceptional nature of the works presented: the recently and superbly restored Tour & Taxis fulfils this role marvellously.

‘Hyperrealism Sculpture. Ceci n’est pas un corps’ is an exhibition on hyperrealism, an art movement that began in the United States in the 1960s and whose techniques are still being explored by many contemporary artists.

The exhibition presents a series of hyperrealistic sculptures that undermine our vision on art. Reality, art or copy? The hyperrealist artist abandons the abstract and tries to create the most accurate representation of nature possible. They depict the human body so realistically that viewers start to wonder whether it is real. In this way, the works of art create a feeling of alienation, without losing any of their meaning.

The title of the exhibition refers to René Magritte's famous work 'Ceci n'est pas une pipe', which questions the relationship between art and reality. Some of the artists exhibited at Tour et Taxis strive to give the human body the most faithful and vivid representation possible, while others, on the contrary, question the notion of reality: new technologies, distorted popular portrayals, deformations...

Why can't you miss this international exhibition?

  • The exhibition brings together more than 40 sculptures, including several presented for the first time in Belgium, by leading international artists: George Segal, Ron Mueck, Maurizio Cattelan, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Duane Hanson, Carole A. Feuerman, John DeAndrea…
  • The artist Fabien Mérelle has taken over the new Gare Maritime with "A l'Origine", a monumental work not to be missed under any circumstances, a true totem of the exhibition.
  • An exhibition representative of an artistic movement as a whole that takes you to the frontiers of reality
  • Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the making of the artworks
  • Tour et Taxis is one stage of a world tour; it will then be presented in two other remarkable places: the Sucrière in Lyon and the Maillol Museum in Paris.

A coproduction between Tempora and Institut für Kulturaustausch


Some works presented in this exhibition

Hyperrealism Sculpture
Ceci n'est pas un corps


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